What to do if bitten by a raccoon?


What to do if bitten by a raccoon?

Let’s start with the fact that raccoons have excellently developed senses. Curiosity, cunning, genuine interest, courage, ingenuity, and sometimes outright rowdy behavior. All these features are very appropriate and blend within the charismatic “body” in the mask and striped tail. Believe me, even as a beast, raccoon weighing every step. To crush the offender, it is unlikely that Fox will bare his fangs, though the raccoon bite and dangerous.

Constantly pop up in the press stories about the ingenuity of raccoons. For example, to spite the raccoon dog, “a thug” with a striped tail by yourself lured into a trap set by local hunters. To do the deed, the raccoon had to cut the dog leash, open the enclosure with the gate of the yard, and bring the dog straight to the trap.

What to do if bitten by a raccoon?

Or such a case. In retaliation, hostile vacationers, raccoon fished out of the pond his fish and laid them in a row in front of the pond. He did not even have them. He just showed that with the forces of wild nature also need to be considered, because raccoons are in full sway on Earth long before the appearance of a man. And who has more rights to land plots, this is a very controversial issue.

How dangerous a raccoon bite?

Being animals, raccoons can be carriers of very dangerous infectious diseases such as tetanus and rabies. If time does not begin the treatment of these diseases, it will be 100% fatal.

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Who bites, savage or domesticated raccoon?

Animals in the zoo and Pets in mandatory vaccinated. The bite vaccinated raccoon is a no-brainer.

What to do if bitten by a raccoon?

Another thing, if a bit feral bully. Wild raccoons are as dangerous as foxes. The bite of a savage often leads to tetanus or rabies. Therefore, if a wild raccoon has bitten a person, must immediately contact the casualty Department and take the shot. There is no other way!

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In some cases, raccoons bite?

If the edges of our encounter with a wild raccoon is very rare, in North America, these charismatic creatures with a striped tail, a dime a dozen. Raccoons often have a very cheeky nature. For these animals is commonplace to “hang” just store-bought products, when the person loads the groceries into the car. Raccoons often climb up to the peacefully sleeping and unsuspecting people under the blanket in the night. These brave souls in the mask can in broad daylight to settle down to running in the Park the Sprinter on the move to snap the athlete’s leg. The raccoon bite in such cases is very, very dangerous.

Americans meeting with a wild raccoon is about to call the police. At the moment, was more than 600 000 cases of calls to law enforcement for bullying rogues with a striped tail.

In most cases, the manifestation of aggression on the part of raccoons is purely hooligan character. Curiosity and eagerness for the unknown pushing raccoons often cross the limits of the law.

What to do if bitten by a raccoon?

For our inhabitants will seem quite strange, but the raccoons “stick” mostly to the bright and expressive personalities. For example, young people dressed in outrageous provocative clothing is a potential target for the eternally curious raccoons. These charismatic animals immediately determine in a crowd of “interesting characters” and can terrorize out of pure curiosity.


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