The contents of the raccoon in the outdoor enclosure


The contents of the raccoon in the outdoor enclosure

If the raccoon is growing in the most natural habitat, the pet will certainly be healthy and strong. The raccoon and the natural environment combine harmoniously, as a patron with a gun. This is a full load. Therefore, one of the best options for the content of the raccoon is the placement of a pet in a garden or backyard aviary. Offer to talk on the subject content of a raccoon in a cage on the street. What should be the design of the enclosure? What features should have a landscape design?

The design of the enclosure

Raccoon – freedom-loving animal. He requires a lot.

Of course, fanaticism is not, as many raccoons do not give way, he will always be her little.

The average can be considered as enclosure 3 (m) height 4 (m) long and 3 (m) in width. Do not be afraid of such a large size kennel. Remember that the content of a raccoon in a cage is very exciting and interesting to do. Than larger the enclosure the more interesting to observe the life of a trickster in the mask.

The contents of the raccoon in the outdoor enclosure

The material on the topic: Amazing and interesting facts about raccoons

  1. The walls of the enclosure need to dig into the ground at least 0.5 meters. Raccoons do not dig holes, but after learning about the weak point of the cage, your pet could build a tunnel.
  2. Around the base, you need to put extra protection on 200-250 (mm) height of opaque material.
  3. In front of the door in the cage, you need to create a buffer zone, the type of platform, with a length of about 1 meter. This is to ensure that even if the raccoon will sneak past you through the open door, it will stop the outer door of the vestibule. Need to ensure that the contents of a raccoon in a cage on the street were neat and safe.
  4. The roof should fit snugly to the walls, otherwise, the raccoons will gnaw through the slot and out of the enclosure.
  5. As walls, you can use ordinary batteries with a cell no more than 30-50 (mm). One of the walls needs a sheathing Board.

See how to care for a raccoon.

The contents of the raccoon in the outdoor enclosure

The internal arrangement of the enclosure

The landscape design of the enclosure must fully satisfy the interests and needs of a raccoon.

  1. Simulation 1-2 trees. It will be very good if in the cage to bring the segment tree with a hollow. Some owners raccoons dig in the fragments of trunks with branches at the center of the enclosure. Tree branches must be durable and massive enough, that is not to dig in the bushes or stems of very young plants.
  2. If I managed to obtain a fragment of wood with a hole, then you need the bottom of the doghouse to cover with straw or dry leaves. The contents of the raccoon in the cage involve creating the most natural habitat conditions.
  3. For wintering, it is necessary to provide a warm corner. The hole should not be too spacious or too cramped. The best option is a kennel, a little more voluminous than the raccoon. Nora must have good protection from rain, wind, and draught.
  4. In the warm period of the year in the cage should be a container of clean water. Bath need for cooling in the hot sun and to wash produce. Water change 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and evening).
  5. It is advisable to put the raccoon a separate trough and drinking capacity.
  6. If the raccoon is accustomed to the tray, then you need to supply a separate tank for the toilet.
  7. We need to arrange a sleeping space raccoon. Raccoons like mounds of sawdust, foliage, and natural textiles.

Believe me, the contents of a raccoon in a cage on the street will bring you and your pet a huge positive charge and mount a good mood. Keep the tail gun!


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