Raccoon character


Raccoon character

The raccoon family belongs to the mammalian predators. Nature has endowed these animals with sharp teeth, agility, wit, courage and incredibly high determination. Wild raccoon without remorse destroys insects, rodents, snakes, and birds. The raccoon family is accused of the extermination of entire populations of living creatures. So, the “Golden nature” of these rogues with a striped tail is better not to count. Nature raccoon can be compared to temperament to its pronounced sanguine, who at the time risk passes to the melancholic with a noticeable percentage of the choleric. Phlegm raccoons are not inherent.

With whom will be well-lived raccoon?

Of course, every rule can have exceptions. But with raccoons under one roof can peacefully coexist only or a prospective adventurer. The whole life of the raccoon is one big adventure. If the head of the raccoon will get some idea, then he will carry out his plans no matter what. The nature of a raccoon can be compared to the invincible conqueror who comes in the life of a man, to win his heart, to capture the sympathy and capture all the free time.

Raccoon character

Peacefully coexist with raccoons, can only those people who lead a similar lifestyle. A perfect owner raccoon is a person who has never ordered and respects the opinions of others who are not accustomed to envy, be ashamed or afraid. A raccoon will feel at ease only with an open and straight person.

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What do raccoons not like?

The nature of raccoons arranged in such a way that these wonderful animals will require constant attention. Raccoons are extremely isolated. Living alone, raccoon turns to the savage who can do a man a lot of troubles.

Raccoons do not like rude mandative tone. Rude to a raccoon, he can go with you on the warpath, making the offender minor mischief.

Raccoon character

Also, raccoons do not like strangers. Bringing in guests unfamiliar to the raccoon man, he is in danger. The sight of a stranger in their territory, raccoons can make a real brawl, with all the consequences (it bites, scratches and spoiled for the day mood). By the way, read the article on how to care for a pet raccoon.

Often this happens, deciding on the role of a pet raccoon fits a gargle, the nature of this charismatic thug in the mask may not match the rhythm of human life.


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