Raccoon breeding


Raccoon breeding

There are several types of raccoons: the savages and domesticated. To obtain the “feral” progeny a lot of effort just to bring the female with the male and give their lives to the call of instincts. Nature will do it herself. It is quite another thing getting “domestic” Pets. In this case, the person has to make their hand. There is a view that it is necessary to create special conditions in which appears conformable to the socialization and education of offspring. So, a gargle, breeding Pets: how to hand animals are selected as parents and how to take the family charming little girl?


“What the parents and children.” The proverb speaks not only about people but in General for all living beings. If you are aiming to get home fluffy, the parents should be the same, that is, domesticated. Offspring from wild raccoons never becomes fully manual.

Born from feral whales the kids are too stubborn that they are difficult to educate, they often come into conflicts with other Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) and man.

So you have a raccoon in the home, the charismatic rogues of reproduction begin with mating. Please note, partners must not be related. This is one of the conditions for obtaining quality animals. As observations show, born from the Union of brother and sister raccoons are weak, they have low energy potential.

Raccoon breeding

Ideal “partnership” with the binding is fully domesticated and hand raccoons from different hosts. That is, male and female should not be related, but they are required to be:

  • Domesticated
  • Healthy
  • Energetic
  • Happy

Only in this case will raccoon a gargle, the breeding of which performed perfectly. Born from a “perfect” parent kids are very sweet and kind, they will fly to grab the education, they are easily accustomed to the tray and leash.

Teach the crumbs to the person

Another very important factor in obtaining a home manual of raccoons is “lapping” between animal and man. The sooner a gargle will understand your role in his life, the more will be the integration of a furball in the human family. Taking on the responsibility of Coon age 1.5 months, you can be sure that your baby will grow and develop into a social creature who can love, enjoy and understand its owner.

I recommend reading the article: How to get the raccoon? The article described a lot of interesting points.

Raccoon breeding

If you order a baby raccoon, his obedience and mutual love can not count. Bringing home almost an adult animal, there is a very strong likelihood that your pet will grow impudent and opportunist.

If you need a raccoon in the home, breeding exotic pet conceals many secrets and pitfalls.

Let your raccoon charming will come, may they bring joy to people and bring them in the house harmony and prosperity. Be sure the striped tail of a raccoon brings happiness!


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