How to teach a raccoon to the tray?


How to teach a raccoon to the tray?

Raccoons by nature are the real opportunists. The rules of etiquette and decent behavior are written for anyone, not just for these rogues with a striped tail. But still, if you create the right conditions, the raccoon can live under one roof with the man. And especially easy to live with a raccoon that was potty trained. Toilet pet in a special place will save you very a huge problem. Offer to speak on the subject if you can teach a raccoon to the tray and how is it done?

Rules to accustom to the tray

  1. A raccoon is amenable to suggestions just before the onset of puberty. If you do business with fully formed and fledgling morally raccoon, you upset. Adult raccoons exhibit enormous resistance to everything alien to their archaic beginning. Sexual maturity is reached by 1 year for females and 2 years for males. With an adult, the raccoon can not think, walk raccoon in the tray. Savage re will not work.
  2. Raccoon needs to accustom to the tray with the first day in his permanent abode.
  3. In any case, you can’t hurt a raccoon. Don’t yell and don’t attach the hand to this miraculous animal. Is it possible to teach a raccoon to the tray, when he upset his teacher? – No, that’s impossible.
  4. In the first stage of a raccoon need to accustom to the tray, which is located in his cage. In the future, you can put another 1-2 tray in the rooms of your abode, for example, the kitchen and even the bathroom.

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How to teach a raccoon to the tray?

Techniques accustom to the tray

  1. Moisten the litter tray, the urine of a raccoon. This will be an indicator where you can go to the toilet.
  2. Every 2-3 hours you need to bring the raccoon to the tray. Better yet, carry in a tray of a raccoon when he is in the process of making a toilet.
  3. Have to say the raccoon is simply “No” when he walks into the tray. The main thing is not to overdo it as rude to a raccoon, it can go on the warpath with you.

And does the raccoon in a tray along with other animals (cats, dogs, ferrets, mink, etc.)?

The raccoon will not go to the toilet together with other species of animals.

Options trays

Raccoons are not cats, they do not bury the results of their toilet. Trays for raccoons do not require filler.

  1. Ordinary litter box to cover the newsprint. That is, to tear the newspaper to shreds is not necessary, just lay on the bottom sheet of newspaper and all.
  2. There are trays for raccoons with a complex design. The ideal option is a bunk room, which consists of the platform and bottom to collect excreta. The fact that raccoons do not like to go to the toilet on the smooth surface at his feet.

How to teach a raccoon to the tray?


As practice shows, if to accustom to the tray raccoon from the age of 1-2 months, 100% of the time a raccoon is impossible to housebreak. Teaching the same six-month-old pet, the chances of success are much less, about 50/50%. Is it possible to teach a raccoon to the tray when the pet has reached sexual maturity? – The chances are virtually zero. But the master of taming the high class may be subject to animals of any age.


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