Empties raccoons in hibernation?


Empties raccoons in hibernation?

Raccoons do not like cold and snowy weather. With the onset of winter weather, charming animals with a striped tail slowly and smoothly immersed in suspended animation. Sensing the cold and snow blizzards, the raccoon falls asleep. Of course, raccoon strife. The peculiarities of winter hibernation may vary among residents of different climatic zones. Offer to talk on the subject, how does the raccoon hibernate in the North, in the mid-latitudes and the tropics.

Northern raccoons, Hello from the Tundra

Immediately I must say that wild raccoon is still poorly understood. Them incredibly hard to track and even more difficult to observe their behavior in their natural habitat.

The researchers say the raccoons living in the North, raccoon hibernate and sleep soundly sleep for 4-5 months, until the snow. Between the power of frost and the depth of the hibernation of raccoons, there is a direct relationship.

The colder it is, the stronger the sleep of animals. Northern raccoons are very similar in habits with brown bears. These mighty animals go into hibernation with the first snow and sleep soundly until steady spring. Winter hibernation of the raccoon lasts from mid-November to April.

Preparation for anabiosis at the Northern raccoon

Northern raccoons are different from the inhabitants of the warmer regions a tendency to accumulate subcutaneous fat and create supplies for the period of hibernation. Raccoons Northern climate zones over the stall. If the average weight of a raccoon from the middle latitudes fluctuates at around 3-15 (kg), Northern raccoons weigh 7-15 (kg). The inhabitants of the North have a larger size and thicker fur.

Empties raccoons in hibernation?

Before the raccoon falls asleep, he is gaining weight. The tendency of increase of subcutaneous fat observed in the period from late summer until cold weather. These animals stuffed belly to the blade. During the summer and early autumn, raccoons are hunted a lot. The course is all:

  • Insects
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Worms
  • etc.

Northern raccoons are incredibly voracious. Some scientists say that this animal is a real threat to the extinction of many species of insects.

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During the autumn raccoons smoothly on the food of plant origin. The main diet consists of acorns, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Some individuals make provisions for the spring. Raccoons can stock up on acorns and nuts, not of perishable products that are guaranteed will continue to spring.

Raccoons average climatic zones, Hello from the USA

Animals in the middle latitudes are less prone to winter hibernation. Go do raccoons hibernate? – Yes, go. But, here you need to correct. Depth of sleep the raccoons from this climatic zone is rather superficial. There are cases when raccoons walk around at the beginning of February. That is, if the street prevails Sunny windless weather, the raccoons Wake up and go to the workout.

Of course, in winter, raccoon activity noticeably decreases. Instead of fights and bullying, raccoons lead a modest life, recovering from winter hibernation. Raccoon, falling asleep, may sleep for up to 4 months part-time hibernation. That is, any warming wakes up the raccoons that make the sleeping surface too irregular. If the winter is warm enough, the raccoons may not sleep. In this case, hibernate will remind only the reduced physical activity of these animals.

Empties raccoons in hibernation?

The preparation for hibernation the raccoons from Central climatic zone

In this region, there are average raccoons. Unlike the Northern brethren, the family of the raccoons, there is no need to accumulate a protective layer of fat. Of course, a lot of the winter raccoons are gaining, but the amount of subcutaneous fat is not comparable with the level of body fat Northern raccoons. The same can be said about wool. Raccoon fur is not as thick and fluffy as the Northern counterparts.

Raccoons this climate zone can do the supplies. In the hollows sleeping raccoons found acorns and nuts.

Tropical raccoons, greetings from Panama

If a raccoon falls into a winter hibernation was the predominant warm weather? – Flows, but in rare cases. In regions where the temperature does not drop below +12° (C), raccoons are not inclined to winter hibernation. About the ancient and archaic instinct of hibernation resembles a slight decrease in physical activity, which will be visible only to an experienced eye.

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Raccoons in this climate zone have a small weight and wool with a slight NAP. If you put close to the Northern and tropical raccoon, the difference will be huge. A tropical raccoon has become a separate subspecies. These animals called raccoons. It’s all in the climate. Tropics – the warm climate zone. To protect yourself from the cold with layers of fat and thick fur there is no need.

Empties raccoons in hibernation?

Winter in the tropics is characterized by heavy rainfall. Go do raccoons hibernate during the weeks of heavy rains? – Hibernation, scientists have not observed. The only thing is the raccoon can just wait out the vagaries of nature in its cozy nest. That is, during the rainy season, the raccoon can sleep in the hollow of your tree, waiting for good weather.

What about pet raccoons?

Regarding raccoons from Northern latitudes, that if the pet lives in a cage on the street, he will hibernate. And empties raccoons in hibernation, living with the hosts under one roof? – No. Upholstered in warm, raccoons are not inclined to winter hibernation. The only thing that can remind you of hibernation, so this reduction in physical activity.


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