Cage for raccoon in the apartment with his hands


Cage for raccoon in the apartment with his hands

The enclosure is not intended for permanent residence of a raccoon. Protective construction is used only for sleeping rogues on the case when the bandit in the mask leaked. That is, the cage, the raccoon will save the resident and the pet from irreparable damage. All the risks mentioned in the article: Can I keep a raccoon in the apartment? So let’s talk more on the subject of how to build a cage for a raccoon with his hands.

Determine the location of the enclosure

As recommended by professionals, if you build the enclosure, only in a room that is fully adapted to the contents of a raccoon. The cage should not be placed in the living room or bedroom. The apartment must have a reliable protection of the transaction. That is lying freely on the floor or hanging on the wall the wires should not be. There are many cases when the excessive curiosity of raccoons is pushing them to gnaw through conductive wiring. The outcome of these shenanigans is a foregone conclusion. Raccoon gets a fatal electric shock.

Cage for raccoon in the apartment with his hands

Besides, in the room where you plan to place the cage for raccoon, it should not be too valuable furniture or expensive fittings. Excessive vigor raccoons, pushing them to the object interior.

A raccoon can chew on the corners of furniture, it can hang on the chandelier and the tearing of wall paintings

Owners are educated raccoons set in the room of the sports and entertainment areas for Pets. Such structures contain all kinds of stairs, steps, platforms and other “shells” that help to dissipate excess energy before eating or sleeping hour.

Design and materials

When the place where it will be installed an enclosure for a raccoon in the apartment you can begin creating cells. Regarding the size, the abode of the raccoon should not be too tight. Many owners of raccoons make the height of the enclosure from floor to ceiling. Typically, the length and width of the cells be 1500×1500 (mm).

Cage for raccoon in the apartment with his hands

As the walls it is best to use the purchase of a grid cell is not more than 30 (mm). Please note, one of the walls must be clad in natural wood. Can be adapted for the case lining or ordinary wood Board. The wood needs to equip on top of the mesh, as the creeper with the striped tail can rip a segment of a Board and get out when no one is home.

The material on the topic: the dangerous raccoon?

Also, the cage for a raccoon must have a securely closing door. No need to restrict the sash, which closes on the latch. Raccoons are excellent open to the most complex lock mechanisms. Hold the lock key away from the raccoon. The sash can be made based on the same mesh. Of course, the perimeter of the door should be strengthened so that the raccoon could not bend the edge of the door and not slipped in the weak spot of the gate. Leaf tedious to hang on an ordinary door loop.

Cage for raccoon in the apartment with his hands

As grounds, it is better to use rubber flooring that is easy to clean and dries quickly. The cheapest Mat is not worth buying. Raccoons are extremely sensitive to smells, so the scent of phenol can send your pet out. The same applies to the wood paneling on one wall. No need to buy pine or another fir. Raccoons can’t stand the smell of pine needles. In the cage for raccoon is better to install the lining:

  • Alder
  • Oak
  • Hazel

Enhance the cell best angle steel. The frame will have to attach to the floor, walls, and ceiling. If the apartment is equipped with expensive parquet/laminate flooring and ceiling mounted, it is possible to limit the fixing of the enclosure to the wall. It is best to use the angle to lock the cage to several walls.


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