Why do raccoons rinse the food?


Why do raccoons rinse the food?

Thorough washing of food from the raccoons is a reflex reaction to the level of basic instincts.  A definite answer to the question of why the raccoon rinses food from zoologists not. There are only observations and hypotheses.

The basic theory why the raccoon rinse food

  • Watching the wild raccoons, scientists noticed a pattern. Raccoon rinses food only when a nearby pond. For example, producing food in a forest thicket, wherein a radius of at least 1 (km) no river, no lake, no puddles, raccoon eats food on the spot, in the same condition in which she was charming rogues in hand.

Another thing, if a raccoon gets food in the coastal area of the river or in the floodplain some of the flooded meadows. To obtain some tidbit raccoon without delay heading to the shore and begin to thoroughly rinse the food. By the way, read the article, where it can dwell raccoon.

Why do raccoons rinse the food?

The main hypothesis of scientists about the rinse is the theory of clean smell. That is, washing eat shows the true aromatic range of food. The fact that mined near the pond food usually smells like Tina or seaweed. And shaking the food into the water, you can beat the pungent aroma of the wet marsh. That’s mainly why raccoons rinse food.

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  • The second main theory is the manifestation of the signs of life in the meal. It often happens that finding something to eat, prospective food pretending to be carrion. To verify the presence or absence of life in food, the raccoon begins to crawl meal on the water. If “food is bluffing”, then it is immediately obvious.

For example, finding pretending to be a rodent, a raccoon will take the carcass to the water and begins to soak the meal. Bluffing the mouse immediately begins frantically to resist rinsing, thereby giving their hypocrisy. This point is also a valid reason why raccoon rinses food.

And what about a mouthwash at home raccoons?

Living under the same roof with the person I love raccoons polozitelnye procedure. They are happy to rinse your meals in a special container with water that doting owners put in the cage.

In addition to the basic way of gargling, the raccoons are willing to use the water system. Ruchenkami with agile, raccoons are able to easily turn the valve of the faucet and doing good under running water. Why raccoon rinses the food in this way, I think, of course, to get from “washing” the maximum pleasure.

Why do raccoons rinse the food?

Do raccoons rinse something other than food? – Of course. Polozitelnye procedure raccoons are not limited to just-food. Some owners raccoons have noted that bullies with a striped tail is sometimes soaked the clothes of their owners. To paddle anything from prepared to soak dirty clothes before giving cleanliness and freshness of the parade and the weekend sweater.


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