Traces of raccoon


Traces of raccoon

To meet nose to nose with a wild raccoon – not an easy task. These charismatic rogues in the mask are mainly twilight-night life. Can be found except the tracks of a raccoon and if you will the circumstances. The day the animals are sacked out in their cozy nests. While waiting for the sunset, rubbed bandit mask, powder your luxurious fluffy tail and out to have noisy fights in the area. And at the same time to feast on your favorite delicacies under a confused guise.

Honestly, feral raccoons remain to this day poorly understood animals. Difficult to study even the footprints of a raccoon. And it’s not a low population of raccoons, and that these beings have excellent stealth, excellent instincts, intuition, and stalwart wit, which sometimes can be the envy of even seasoned hunters.

Traces of raccoon

Surveillance tracker

Of course, the raccoon is not a disembodied spirit. Even this animal leaves traces. Charismatic bullies with a striped tail are felt in the following way:

  • Footprints on the wet trail
  • Excrement
  • The fluff on the bark of trees
  • The claw marks on the bark of trees

With very few exceptions you can find traces of Coon in the snow. This beast does not like extreme walking in the cold. Raccoons do the same as bears. With the onset of the first frost, screwed with nuts and acorns and legs fall into a deep and sweet sleep.

Traces of raccoon

Raccoons love the journey of the trail. They enjoy a well-trodden person or a wild animal trail. Here in these places, and you need to look for footprints of a raccoon. It is advisable to track down these rogues with a striped tail on the damp, that is when the trails are soaked to the dirt. Wet soil will give the presence of charismatic bullies.

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Also, the tracks of a raccoon can be seen on the banks of ponds.

Cunning with a striped tail gives the fluff on the bark of trees. Next to the pieces of gray-brown fur, you can find traces of clawed paws. And looking up above, you can see the lair of our favorite.

Of course, all is not so simple.


Having a good wit, raccoons organize a variety of shelters, bogus. That is, if the hunter finds the tracks of raccoon, they can lead to dummy. Raccoons are dozens of temporary shelters, most of which are created to confuse prying observers and even predators.

Traces of raccoon

The best option of meeting with a raccoon

“If the mountain will not come to Magomed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain”. Raccoons are incredibly susceptible to treats. To meet up with raccoon you can arrange a generous feeder. But there is one point. In winter and spring, raccoons love food of animal origin, and in the summer and fall, they eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

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And yet, better not hurt raccoons, and these animals are gonna smell a threat and will never come to risk a cannon shot.

Good luck with your hunting. Meet wild raccoon, smile at him and on our behalf too.


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