The size and weight of raccoons?


The size and weight of raccoons?

The average raccoon is commensurate with the body of a cat. Of course, the Coon cat is a little bit bigger, but the overall body proportions are quite comparable. It is considered that the average weight and size of a raccoon depend on the region of residence. Northern raccoons are more nourished and have a massive body. They are vital to a good layer of fat to protect the charming rogues from the cold. And South raccoon gargle how much it weighs? – Much smaller than its Northern counterpart. The southerners are not so terrible frosts, so the layer of fat in these animals is quite small, and the fur they have almost none.


Average for raccoons is considered to be the weight at 3-12 (kg). Raccoons from the warm parts of the world weigh up to 2-4 (kg). Northern raccoons are gaining weight at 5-7 (kg). In the coldest regions, it is possible to meet raccoons and under 9-12 (kg) weight.

The size and weight of raccoons?

Interesting fact, the title of the most well-fed raccoon belongs to the weasel from the U.S. named Bandit.

In the Guinness Book of records appears weight 34 (kg). Agree, a rather large raccoon, the size and weight of the Bandit was pathological.

Pet suffered from metabolic disturbances, he was incredibly greedy and died. Read the article about the record.


Body length average raccoon can range from 45 to 60 (cm). The tail length is 20 to 25 (cm). We should also note that the size of the raccoon has a significant impact on fur. Northern raccoons have wool with long fibers. Southern raccoons are a lightweight version of fur.

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The size and weight of raccoons?

I hope I have shed some light on the questions of how does raccoon, what is the weight of the individual and what are its dimensions.


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