Smell do raccoons?


Smell do raccoons?

Many experts exotic Pets prefer it to raccoons, because of their reputation for neat. Despite her energy, ubiquity and extreme molestation, these animals are very neat. Some excessive, special and peculiar smell, like skunks, rogues in the mask do not exude. Of course, body odor will be present, rogues often sweat. And whether the smell of the raccoon, if it is specifically to care? – If anyone can catch the scent of rogues, it will smell ordinary wool sweaters, no more, no less.

That raccoon was always fresh, you will need to maintain excellent sanitation and hygiene in his corner or a cage, that is where it has permanent place feeders and waterers animal, where is placed the tray for the toilet.

And stink my home raccoons, if not take care of them? – Yes, the smell can be. Most often, these are the aromas of his bowel movements. Particularly vulnerable to the emergence of the smell of the gargle be during the rut, i.e. mating season. Furries often go past the tray to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

This phenomenon is seasonal, raccoons pranks from February to may.

How to care for a raccoon?

Experienced owners raccoons are paying special attention to cleaning the cage. What is housekeeping?

  • The cells shall be made of all utensils
  • All walls, floors, and ceiling are handled cleaner without the strong smell
  • Clean dishes and tray

Some wash the cage with warm water and then wipe the enclosure with baking soda. All bowls and trays are subjected to cleaning, you can entrust this procedure to a dishwasher machine.

Smell do raccoons?

If smelly raccoons, if you do not bring pet care to fanaticism? Raccoon will not stink until it steps on or gets its fur dirty in its excrement. But still, a clean bill of health. Maintaining the proper level of sanitation and hygiene in the aviary animal, you care about his health.
In addition to cleaning cages and bowls need to change the flooring for sleeping. Most often in the cage demolished various rags in which whales dig and sleep there. In addition to rags, raccoons like to rest on sawdust and dry leaves. It is best to conduct the change of sleeping place to a new one.

How often cleaning should be carried out? – The more the better. Bowl and tray should be washed daily. Cleaning of cages and changing of the bed must be conducted no less frequently than every 2 weeks.

Material on the subject: Content raccoon in the outdoor enclosure

Smell do raccoons?


Many raccoon owners regularly bathe their Pets. And whether the smell of the animal after the bath? – The smell should not be. As a shampoo, you must use a special tool for bathing animals, which does not destroy the sebaceous protective layer on the skin and which does not exude more flavors.


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