How smart are raccoons?



The raccoon is a very capable and talented pet. Mental resources of this wonderful animal is superior to the mind of dogs and cats. The word “raccoon” is translated from Latin as “Procyon” or the “predog” (before dog). The creature on the fly is able to analyze a fairly complex situation. Ethologist H. B. Davis demonstrated how smart raccoons, showing how these creatures are able to skillfully open the complex lock mechanisms.

Charming creature with a striped tail proved that they are able to learn from your mistakes, memorizing the sequence of operation of the complex locks that in the future not to repeat “mistakes”

How smart are raccoons?

Mental capacity raccoons

Procyon has a good memory, excellent coordination, vigor, logic, and developed intuition. Even without professional training and taming, raccoons demonstrate truly phenomenal, for the animals as possible. Believe me, the raccoon is a clever animal and very.

  1. Raccoons understand human speech. Like dogs, raccoons are able to execute commands.
  2. These creatures are capable of using means of mechanization for movement. The well-known case that the raccoon learned to ride a mini-bike.
  3. Raccoons can assist during washing and cleaning. These animals can be trusted with the soaking and rinsing of clothes, as well as raccoons are able to skillfully wield a little broom, sweeping the small litter on the floor.
  4. Raccoons know how to be offended and to retaliate.

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Experienced owners say raccoons, as raccoons are intelligent creatures, saying that the reason these animals can be compared with the mind of a human child. They are capable of response, emotional reaction. With a charming trickster in the mask you will never be bored. A raccoon can talk and communicate, to play, to mourn and to laugh heartily.

How smart are raccoons?

The development program for raccoons

How smart are raccoons?

There is no need to argue on how smart raccoons. This wonderful animal can be done smartly with their own hands. By the way, read the article on how to care for a raccoon.

  1. Give the pet more time. The psyche of animals with a striped tail is very flexible and it can tune into their environment, just like humans. If the raccoon will live in a “smart” atmosphere, you can be confident that the pet will copy your behavior program “be smart”.
  2. Teach your pet to the tray, leash and “cultural” behavior. The mind of a raccoon is capable of development. If you develop his ability, then your pet will be easy to possess a huge number of skills. If you do not develop the mind of a trickster in the mask, the pet will remain “archaic” creature living instincts.

Sometimes you can marvel at how the raccoons are intelligent creatures. If you seriously do pet, you can bring up a real intellectual, with whom you can even verbally communicate.


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