Do raccoons live in trees?


Do raccoons live in trees?

Nature has endowed raccoons that are incredibly dexterous and prehensile feet. The palm of these creatures resembles humans. But unlike us, raccoons have on their wrists lint-sensors, which help the animals perfectly navigate the terrain in the pitch of the night. A raccoon lives in the trees, with such developed arms? – Of course, lives. These rogues are masterful climbers, they often settle on the trees that have hollows. There are cases when a raccoon is nesting at the very top of an old tree, whose height can reach 20-30 meters.

Features home of raccoons

The perfect home for raccoons is hollow with a little more size than the size of his body. It is easier to tolerate the winter. Because in a small space is no cold air and drafts. A raccoon living in the trees in such hollows, and leads a solitary existence.

Almost all males who have reached puberty, be a hermit.

Do raccoons live in trees?

Females tend to occupy the spacious cavities, as they have a family life. On the shoulders of females lie all the responsibilities of raising offspring. Usually, the whole family lived in the same hollow. Scientists have known cases when in one place Depaulis for the winter 10 individuals, among them 1 female-mother of 9 adults and children who have almost reached puberty. Something like this raccoon lives in the trees.

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Do raccoons live in trees?

The trick raccoons

The life of a wild raccoon is poorly understood. And it’s not that the population of raccoons is few, and that raccoons are elusive. They have cunning and wit. Scientists often stumble on shelter raccoon faux. Who knows, raccoons have many enemies. On a Coon hunt: wolves, lynx, jackals, and foxes. To defend itself, a raccoon living in the trees, often trying to cover their tracks. For example, going home, raccoon rife in 2-3 places, to confuse the “trackers”. Please note the article about the tracks of raccoons, how to track down these animals.

Among the dummies, there are many shelters in the trees.


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