Do raccoons eat mushrooms?


Do raccoons eat mushrooms?

Raccoons belong to the genus mammalian predators, but in fact, these animals are omnivorous. The ethologists studying the life of raccoons argue that taste preferences with the rogues with a striped tail are pronounced seasonal nature.

If the raccoon eats the mushrooms?

Yes, eating with great pleasure, however, in certain circumstances.


In the period from early spring to the end of summer, the raccoons focus on the food of animal origin. Menu these wonderful animals is very diverse. In the course can go all:

  • insects
  • toad
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • birds
  • mouse
  • snails
  • fish
  • etc., etc.

The fact that raccoons do in this period of the year the fat reserves and food of animal origin is very rich in fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Do raccoons eat mushrooms?


In late summer, raccoons smoothly switch over to food of vegetable origin. If the raccoon eats the mushrooms in this period of the year? – Of course, eating. Mushrooms are incredibly rich in protein. In the hollows of some of the raccoons were found to have stocks of acorns and dried mushrooms, which were intended for winter.

Except for mushrooms and acorns, raccoons very, very partial to nuts, berries, fruits, and vegetables.


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