Do raccoons eat mice?


Do raccoons eat mice?

Raccoons are natural predators. These agile animals can not live without food of animal origin. The diet of animal food is very diverse. Raccoons consume everything from insects to birds. And if the raccoons eat mice? – Yes, with a big appetite. However, here we must make one amendment. The raccoon attacks rodents only when it lives in its natural habitat. Home the raccoons do not always agree on the “heavy work”. Why wear down their forces hunting when you can go to the feeder and how to venerate their favorite treats.

The place of production of rodents

The perfect hunting area is agricultural lands located near water bodies, ponds, lakes or rivers. Many farmers lure raccoons specifically to regulate the population of rodents. I think the question, do raccoons mice, a little cleared.

Material on: the Nature of raccoons

Do raccoons eat mice?

When the raccoon preys on rodents?

Raccoon switches to the food of animal origin since the spring. Of course, rodents in spring, not so much after winter. The peak of the hunting of rodents occurs at the end of the summer. In this period there is the greatest activity of rodents. Please note that in this article, there is a more detailed description of the taste preferences of raccoons.

I hope the question, do raccoons eat mice, explained.


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