A raccoon or mink who is better at home


A raccoon or mink, who is better?

Mink and raccoons are related to the family of mustelids. All 3 species have a common genetic root. These animals tend to prefer water bodies and lead a twilight-night lifestyle. Of course, we are talking about wild animals. Domesticated same individuals are easily getting used to the usual human rhythm of life. If you’re looking for a contender for the role of an exotic pet, then mink or raccoon can be an excellent solution to an unusual and interesting pet.

Golden character. Mink or raccoon?

Being mammal predators, both animals got a very violent temper. Is a little hurt representative of mustelids how you can get a decent answer. Still, being different species of animals, each of them has their own views on life. If raccoons are not afraid of human presence, because they often live close to human habitation, the mink side bypasses everything to do with man.

Who is aggressive behaves, mink, or raccoon? The answer is obvious. If the mink are not familiar with the person, then it is better for your hands to stretch. Mink easily bite through fingers through. This animal has a stranglehold, like a bulldog. Concatenated mink jaw to unclench impossible.

Raccoons were also more pragmatic. They have a natural disposition to socialization. It is clear that adult wild raccoon is better for the tail to drag. But if a wild animal is familiar with you and goes for the treats in your bird feeder to feed on the hands of feral cunning in the mask is possible. Pay attention to the article, what to do if bitten by a raccoon.

What age is better to domesticate mink or raccoon?

In matters of education, both species are very very similar. It is best to take the baby when he opens his eyes and begins to try solid food.

If working with animals since childhood, and raccoons and mink can co-exist peacefully with their owners.

If you want your pet to walk on a leash, the animal should be accustomed to this business immediately, when he opens his eyes. By the way, the leash is a more well-used hole. Raccoons don’t really like this fixture.

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A raccoon or mink, who is better?

What kind of animal it is easier to accustom to the tray?

Regarding the raccoons, they are mostly opportunists. They potty train very difficult. Mink are happy to go in the tray. However, there is one “But”. During the rut, i.e. mating season, mink start marking all of its territories. For this, they use not only urine but also feces. Raccoons are also more careful in this matter. The mating season they flowed more calmly. So a raccoon or a mink, who is better? – In this question, I would put a draw.

Compatibility with other Pets

Speaking of raccoons, they may be fussing with cats and dogs. Can reach up to fights and constant tension. But the threshold of “domestic” conflicts raccoons do not cross. About mink is not. Skirmishes with Pets often end very, very badly. There are cases when mink bite off the head of a cat or ferret bite to the death or even the dog.

Of course, these are just some of the particular cases. There are many facts about the friendship of burrows with other Pets. But, if mink anger, it will easily crush the opponent to death. Who is better, raccoon or mink, you decide. Both animals are predators and the desire for a military solution to the conflict and the raccoons, and mink in the blood.

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External data

Raccoons are slightly larger than the holes. But whatever bribe mink coat. Fur these wonderful animals sparks and shimmers in the sun like a jewel. Raccoons also dressed more modestly. Although, the mask on the face and a striped tail pet add some special charm.

Decide. Mink or Coon, who is better?


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