Raccoon as totem animal


Raccoon as totem animal

Why look for the totem animal of the inhabitants of modern towns and cities? After all, people live in the walls of the concrete jungle, as “God’s bosom”. The forces of nature dominate here and if, then only for particularly important occasions. It is quite another thing people on-the-ground who are not used to hide behind the high walls of the cities, to hide from his archaic and powerful beginning of their destiny.

I’m talking about the generation particularly of the old school who do not have time to train a social cage and perch. So who patronized these people? – Of course, the forces of wild nature. One of the most famous patrons was our favorite and dear raccoon. I propose to speak on this topic. The raccoon totem animal.

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To live as an invincible raccoon

The birthplace of raccoons is considered to be North America. Here we will look for traces of the patronage of this amazing and truly impressive beast. Whose totem was “striped wonder”? One of the first documented facts of patronage raccoon people had the manuscript of the traveler j. Long. In his novel, an expert on North American culture and told about the amazing tribe of Ojibwa, where one of the patrons was a brave and invincible raccoon.

Raccoon as totem animal

Part of the residents of Ojibwa, in which the raccoon had a totem animal, were famous for their consummate skill to adapt and survive in any conditions and under any circumstances. Borrowed from the animal mask and striped coloration, a tribe of raccoons waiting for the night and went on the hunt, and even attack enemies.

Without a good production or without the glorious victory that the people, the raccoons never came back. And coming to the Ojibwa with generous gifts, the whole neighborhood started incessant, incendiary and sumptuous feast.

Totem raccoon feature

Residents of the Ojibwa believed that they were chosen by mysterious forces of nature that they patronize. From the raccoon adherents of the totem went to his spectacular and even phenomenal opportunities:

  1. Hiding behind the mask of a raccoon, a person could transform into anyone. In the morning it was possible to deal with the doctor, and in the evening this person became experts in blacksmithing. It was one of the main characteristics of the totem raccoon. Master of disguise has got knowledge and experience from a higher power. People, raccoons could be a doctor, a blacksmith or anyone at the snap of a finger.
  2. Hide that is bad. Followers of the cult raccoon had incredibly sticky little hands. They had the power to steal from under the nose of anything, from food to whole buildings.
  3. Natural born trackers. Unlike any other animal, raccoons know your way around for hundreds of miles. One raccoon had a totem animal that often sent on the most critical intelligence operations, dedicated to the hunt, war, or the wanderings.

Raccoon as totem animal

Raccoon as totem animal of modernity

Experts say that the person can’t choose a totem animal. The symbolic beast itself must recognize you as worthy contenders for the title of guardian totem. Everything is solved instantly. Faced with this charming and cheerful small animal, a raccoon can keep you to myself, and maybe to give up in the face of a fluffy tail, retiring back home.

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If striped miracle caught sight in you something special, very interesting and incredibly curious and wanted to make friends, then you have every chance that the raccoon has become your totem animal and a mascot.

Raccoon as totem animal

Let the raccoons give you more positive and joyful moments. Let this striped miracle in your life, let you accompany Fortuna raccoon!


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