How dangerous raccoon?


How dangerous raccoon?

Raccoon – the beast with huge ambitions. The tremendous vigor with stalwart courage and all the wit let these charming creatures to defend their honor and interests. But interest in these animals and often densely extend far beyond the law. So if raccoons to humans?

The raccoon goes on the warpath

Wild raccoons should be extremely careful. These creatures are very touchy. Not answering affection in playful manners of a bully with a striped tail, raccoons can retaliate. He does it with skill and with great pleasure. So, how dangerous a raccoon for a person?

1. Hide everything that can spoil. Raccoon with hurt feelings can ruin outdoor furniture, tear to shreds all to dry clothes and shoes to scratch up holes in the rubber for tires of the car, motorcycle, and Bicycle. The ingenuity of raccoons no limit. It will slowly day by day to encourage your things. Slowly but surely, to cause the material values of small mechanical damage, which leads things in disrepair. Believe me, wild raccoons dangerous to humans and very strong.

2. Watch out for Pets. Can get to the fact that the raccoon will be pouring out his revenge on Pets. Raccoons are true masters of intimidation and virtuoso physical impact on the opponents. Often when a pet cat or dog starts acting strange. They suddenly become fearful and can behave glaringly inadequate. This is the work of a raccoon. It can harm the animals, teasing them, leading to despair and taking away food. And do raccoons bite? Yes, these bullies with a striped tail often clashed with dogs and cats, using the powerful fangs.

3. Doors and Windows of the castle. Raccoons no wonder he got a bandit mask on the face. These rogues are professional burglars. It is often the case when a raccoon “bring” the kitchen of a private house, and about the incident, the owners have no idea of sinning to your pet (a cat or a dog).

How dangerous raccoon?

In the press recently there was a fresh story, what else is raccoons. A sly snuck into the ventilation duct of a multistoried house, bit there’s wiring for the fan, which later occurred the great fire. House, the value of 1.5 (million) dollars, burned to the ground.

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Besides, police often receive reports that charismatic bullies with a striped tail climb the middle of the night to people under the covers. Yes, you heard right. A wild raccoon can seep through any window crack to open the bedroom door and as if nothing had happened to dive safely dream man under the warm blanket.

Are raccoons dangerous to humans? The risks of contact with a wild raccoon

1. Rabies. Feral raccoons are carriers of rabies and tetanus. The affected animal in a fit of blind rage to inflict not only damage property, but also serious physical injury to a person. Don’t want to scare readers, but the consequences of the clashes of a person with wild and rabid raccoons can terrify.

Okay, if the way a raccoon will meet adult and physically strong man that can repulse feral bully. But if a rabid raccoon will attack a child? Here importantly, what is dangerous raccoon to humans.

2. Infectious feces. If we are talking about pet raccoons that get various vaccines and antihistamines etching, the result of natural needs raccoons is not afraid. Another thing is the excrement of a wild raccoon. Get in touch with them is strictly prohibited. The excrement of a wild raccoon is full of very dangerous parasites (roundworm and Giardia). In this case, raccoons dangerous to humans and even very.

How dangerous raccoon?

Very often a victim of this threat becomes Pets and through them infected people. Treatment from these parasites is time-consuming and costly. For the treatment of one animal can give a few hundred dollars.

3. Theft of the crop. Raccoons thoroughly and with gusto twine subsistence farming. Peaches, plums, grapes, apples, strawberries, pears, nuts, pumpkin with zucchini. Raccoons love the berries, fruits, and vegetables with nuts. The owners of private houses constantly complain that they are robbed of charismatic schemers in disguise. Waiting for the night, raccoons come to our home to the manor and begin at the host. These rogues in the mask do not stop even in front of angry dogs. There are cases when the trained dog runs off, tail between his legs, from an angry raccoon (or from a pack of raccoons). And do raccoons bite? Yes, these bullies can bite a poor little dog.

4. The sharp smell from a deceased raccoon. Also, common cases, when a raccoon climbs into a crevice between the walls of houses to move there in the other world. The remaining mortal body begins to exude a terrible smell, even working in the morgue people run away from these flavors away. To detect a dead raccoon is sometimes quite problematic. Not to look for the animal the method of “spear” and not to break the wall, the person recommended moving out of this place for a few months until the smell is completely faded. Now, how dangerous raccoons.

How dangerous raccoon?

How to escape from a wild raccoon?

1. Do not provoke wild raccoons. Do not hurt these wonderful animals, otherwise the entire raw power of the archaic beginning the raccoons will come right at you.

2. The well-fed raccoon is good. Some gardeners do not wait until the raccoon gets through their kitchen in search of food. They arrange a free bird feeder a little way from his house. In the course can go all the way, from dry bread to the remnants from the table. Are raccoons dangerous to humans in this case? – No.

3. So raccoons are not rummaging in the garbage, it is recommended to use special packages to bins. They have a specific smell that deterred raccoons and other wild animals with birds.

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4. The newspaper described the case when people put in front of the house favorite food of the raccoon and sprinkle it on top of hot chili pepper. Smelling pepper pollen, raccoon bullet rushed from the house, never saw him again.

How dangerous raccoon?

In this case, the person took into account the psychology of the raccoon. In order not to offend the weasel in the mask, the raccoon was offered an excellent meal, but powder from the burning chili. A raccoon thought that the owner of the house friendly, but the food is disgusting, so he chose a different abode.

5. To smoke a raccoon out of the hole, enough to throw in the lair a few tennis balls soaked in ammonia. The smell of ammonia raccoons can not stand, so they will be forced to relocate to another place.

Remember, a raccoon is dangerous to humans only when he provokes the bully with a striped tail, or when a person loses care and behaves with blatant negligence.


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