Sunday, August 9, 2020

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The biggest raccoon in the world

The title of the biggest raccoon in the world belongs to gargle from the United States, Pennsylvania, city Palmerton (Palmerton). Charming hooligan in a...

Is it possible to train a raccoon?

Raccoons have an excellent memory. They can remember not only the situation, person, place, poop, and toilet. Pussies perfectly remember the order and sequence...

Habitat raccoons

These charming and interesting creatures are among the most resilient. The environment is very favorable to raccoons. As they say in North America, the...

Raccoon character

The raccoon family belongs to the mammalian predators. Nature has endowed these animals with sharp teeth, agility, wit, courage and incredibly high determination. Wild...

The size and weight of raccoons?

The average raccoon is commensurate with the body of a cat. Of course, the Coon cat is a little bit bigger, but the overall...

Raccoon breeding

There are several types of raccoons: the savages and domesticated. To obtain the "feral" progeny a lot of effort just to bring the female...