Sunday, August 9, 2020

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How to get a raccoon?

A home gargle is a miracle. The creeper in the mask and the striped tail can make human life more meaningful, interesting, intense and...

How smart are raccoons?

  The raccoon is a very capable and talented pet. Mental resources of this wonderful animal is superior to the mind of dogs and cats....

What to feed raccoons?

The raccoon family belongs to a genus of mammalian predators. These animals tend to hunt and a military solution to the conflict. To adequately...

The biggest raccoon in the world

The title of the biggest raccoon in the world belongs to gargle from the United States, Pennsylvania, city Palmerton (Palmerton). Charming hooligan in a...

Cage for raccoon in the apartment with his hands

The enclosure is not intended for permanent residence of a raccoon. Protective construction is used only for sleeping rogues on the case when the...

Raccoon as totem animal

Why look for the totem animal of the inhabitants of modern towns and cities? After all, people live in the walls of the concrete...